Help meet your clients’ shopping needs and build stronger client relationships with Purina® Pro Plan® Vet Direct. Our veterinary home delivery program makes it easier for clients to comply with your diet recommendations, leading to better health outcomes for patients and peace of mind for all.




How It Works


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•   Visit

•   Use the clinic ID and one-time code provided by your Purina Veterinary Sales Consultant

•   Clients use your clinic ID to create their accounts as well 


Benefits Beyond Home Delivery  


•   Effortless earnings for your clinic*

•   Free shipping and promotions for clients 

•   Convenience and customer support for everyone.


*With Purina as the direct seller, participating clinics receive commission on the sale of products calculated to equal their margin, without ever taking title to or possession of the products. 


of respondents agreed using Vet Direct made it easier to adhere to their veterinarian’s diet recommendations.*


* Nestlé Purina PetCare Company conducted a survey among 1,000 Purina Pro Plan Vet Direct users who had placed at least one order on the site since January 1, 2020. The online survey was conducted 6/26/20.

Offer More Products with Less Storage


Why waste your space on storage? Lower upfront inventory costs and increase pet food sales by recommending over 65 diets, supplements, litter and more—all stored and shipped by us.


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