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Always Advancing
Allergy-Focused Nutrition —  Comprehensive Care For
All Allergy Patients

Revolutionizing the Elimination Diet. Again.


We started with hydrolyzed protein in HA Hydrolyzed. And now, our progressive science has led to EL Elemental— built with purified amino acids. It's our most advanced elimination diet yet.

Rising to the Challenge of Allergies


Discover how our breakthrough formulas can nutritionally manage dogs and cats with a variety of allergies through a variety of advanced options.

Explore Adverse Reactions with the Experts


Learn what the experts have to say about diagnostics, dietary management, EL Elemental and more in this issue of Nutrition Exchange.

Finding the Right Allergy-Focused Nutrition


Explore our full portfolio of advanced allergy-focused diets at a glance to easily find the nutrition that’s right for each patient.

The Story Behind HA Hydrolyzed


HA Hydrolyzed dry formula revolutionized the therapeutic diet category and how veterinary practitioners can nutritionally manage pets with adverse food reactions.

A Comprehensive Hydrolyzed Line for Dogs


HA Hydrolyzed Canine Formulas contain hydrolyzed protein sources (Vegetarian has a single source) to nutritionally manage dogs who experience adverse food reactions.

Nutritionally Manage Cats with Adverse Food Reactions


HA Hydrolyzed Feline Formula contains hydrolyzed protein sources and a single carbohydrate source.

Nutritionally Manage Dogs with Dermatitis


DRM Dermatologic Management® Naturals With Added Vitamins & Minerals contains omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids to help support a healthy skin and coat.