Transform Your Patients’ Metabolism—and Support Mobility

OM Metabolic Response + Joint Mobility uses a unique 3:1 protein-to-starch ratio and helps improve select metabolic health indicators. This formula also contains a high level of omega-3 fatty acids (EPA).

Remington’s Weight Loss Journey


“Remington, an 11-year-old lab, recently lost 33 pounds in 6 months with OM Metabolic Response + Joint Mobility! Remington has somuch more energy and mobility, and loves the taste of his new food so much that he’s stopped begging at the table. He’s still losing weight, and has become quite the celebrity at our clinic!”


- Dr. Trisha Kvasnica, DVM, WildCat Vet Services in Manhattan, Kansas. 


This owner received free food from Purina for their weight loss journey. 

A Glimpse Inside the Science  


OM Metabolic Response + Joint Mobility uses a unique nutritional approach to healthy weight loss with joint health benefits. Explore our product detailer.  

Explore Our Latest Breakthrough


Explore changes dogs experienced in weight and select metabolic health indicators during a 6-month weight loss study.*

*Caloric restriction @25% MER for months 1-4 and @40% MER for months 5-6; on package feeding instructions reflect 40% restriction.

OM Overweight Management® Formulas 

Specially formulated to help dogs and cats lose body fat while maintaining lean muscle. Available in a variety of options for patient preference.

Revisiting the Weight Conversation


Read our helpful brochure with tips for client conversations and tools to help patients lose weight.

MER Calculator for Dogs


This convenient interactive tool is designed to help you with nutritional recommendations. 

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