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Calming Care Helps Cats Maintain Calm Behavior

We're excited to introduce a new tool for managing cats with anxious behavior.
Calming Care is an easy-to-use probiotic supplement that helps promote positive behaviors and helps blunt cortisol, a marker of stress.

Curious About Your Cat's Behavior?

In a recent survey*, 78% of cat owners said they regularly notice at least one anxious behavior in one or more of their cats.
However, only 44% of these cat owners have discussed these behaviors with their veterinarian.


Clients May Be Excited to Try Calming Care

Surveyed cat owners suggest that they are more likely to consider a supplement than other management options.
Try Calming Care today and recommend it for your feline patients!


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*Data was collected by Relevation Research via an online survey from March 5-9, 2021. A total of 1010 nationally-representative cat owners qualified and completed the survey. Qualified participants were men and women age 18 and older, owned one or more cats (age 12 months or older), were household members most responsible for taking the cat(s) to a veterinarian, and had taken the cat(s) to a veterinarian in the past 12 months. Cat owners were asked about six possible anxious behaviors: hiding or withdrawing, following household members from room to room, excessive vocalization, pacing, aggression, and compulsive behavior.