Introducing the Pro Plan Vet Support Mission


Pro Plan Veterinary Diets has dedicated $1 million to help you care for pets with financial needs.

Supporting Your Calling to Care


There are a million reasons you love what you do… and we want to help. That’s why we established the Pro Plan Vet Support Mission. 

Partnering with the AVMF REACH Program™


The Pro Plan Veterinary Support Mission has donated $1 million to the AVMF REACH Program™ to offset your costs for time and services when helping pets in need.  

Applying is Easy


Have you recently helped a patient when the client couldn’t pay for services? Simply fill out a short form to apply for reimbursement of services through AVMF REACH. Click the button below and look for the “how to apply” tab.

Helping Pets Like Bruno 


“Bruno [swallowed] a tennis ball… Even though we knew they had no money left, we went ahead with surgery, because otherwise Bruno would die…Bruno had a gastrotomy and enterotomy, and is recovering well!” - Jameson Humane Mobile Vet Unit